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Women's Health

Female Health

- Pre & Post Pregnancy Programs -

Pre Pregnancy Program aims to achieve:

  Increase mobility and maintain posture as the abdomen protrudes and places increased pressure on the pelvis and low back. Assisting with muscular discomfort with hands on treatment.
  Assisting to maintaining flexibility as the breasts enlarge placing increasing strain on the mid back with our dynamic system the Huber.
  A combination of the state of the art dynamic Huber treatment and static hands on treatment is available.

Post Pregnancy Care & Muscular Re-Sculpturing

  Improving posture, strengthening and re-sculpturing muscular structure which has been weakened during pregnancy (low back, abdomen and breast tissue).
  A combination of the state of the art dynamic Huber treatment and static hands on treatment is available.
  Non invasive treatment to assist with painful breast related conditions (e.g. mastitis).

  Care for Mothers & Mothers to-be

- Breast Health Program -

The Breast Health Program has evolved from groundbreaking research featured on Today Tonight in 2005 and investigating the effect of the bra on neuromuscular related conditions (upper back, neck, shoulder and low back). The program is conducted by a female Occupational Therapist and includes a thorough assessment of the women’s neuromuscular system and the fit of the bra.

Results from the program indicate 80% of the female participants were identified with postural imbalances, 94% requiring neuromuscular intervention and 80% with incorrectly fitted bras.

  Bra Research Seminars

- “Real Women Have Curves” Seminars -

“Real Women Have Curves” Seminars provides information for women of all ages and shapes looking to optimise their physical and emotional health through a holistic care approach utilizing the latest non invasive technology.

Please send your enquiries to:

Lucy Liongue  (Female Health Coordinator)
Email: lucy@pihc.com.au

or call 9240 5266 to book for an assessment.
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