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The Perth Integrated Health clinic is pleased to be associated with  Swimming and Triathlons in Western Australia. Please read on about our services and events. Please do visit our FACEBOOK page to view photos and LIKE us.

-  Clinical Treatment for Swimmers  -

The team at Perth Integrated Health are specialise in the treatment and performance enhancement of swimmers at the novice, recreational and elite level. We already look after Swimmers at the National and State level as well as many of the local swim clubs.  We work clinically in concert with the state's peak body Swimming WA to assist swimmers in their performance enhancement, fitness, injury management and recovery plans. We also conduct all of the clinical workshops for the state wide Rec Swim program

The clubs describe personal best times, qualifying for the finals and achieving national record times as the numerous benefits of being under the clinical treatment at Perth Integrated Health.

Anecdotes from swimmers, parents and coaches tell the story of improved strength, symmetry, stroke technique and pace in the swimmers. This is from swimmers who have received neuromuscular care and who have taken part in Huber sessions which is state of the art technology for performance enhancement. Huber can be used to imitate all of the swimming strokes. Iimproving strength, symmetry, core stability and balance, then assists with enhancing stroke technique with their trained coach.

-  Swimming Ergonomic Assessment: Underwater Camera Analysis  -

1) A Swimming Ergonomic Assessment is a series of one-to-one sessions utilising advanced underwater camera technology and analysis of your body's biomechanical technique with the view to improve.

2) Who is a Swimming Ergonomic Assessment for?

Anyone who wishes to improve their swimming stroke and efficiency is suited to this assessment such as:

o Recreational swimmers;

o Competitive swimmers in pool or open water events;

o Triathletes;

o Cyclists, runners or any other athletes wishing to develop an efficient stroke in swimming for use in cross training;

o People who require swimming to be part of a rehabilitation program.

For more information please download our Swimming Ergonomics Ergonomic Assessments Information and Costings.

For bookings please call 9240 5266 or email trisports@pihc.com.au for any questions.  

Perth Integrated Health Practitioners - Clinical Practitioners

for the State Age Swimming Championships December 2010.



Why Choose Perth Integrated Health for Clinical Treatment Services?

Its no rocket science if you consider the following:

1. We already treat Cyclists from the international scene to novice level so triathletes in their unique bike ergonomics and cycling requirements are something second nature to us.  We are after all regarded as the premier clinic for Cyclists in this State as well as arguable in Australia.

2. We already looks after Swimmers once again at the National and State level as well as many of the local swim clubs.  We work clinically in concert with the state's peak body Swimming WA to assist swimmers in their performance enhancement, fitness, injury management and recovery plans. We also conduct all of the clinicals for the state wide Rec Swim program.

3. We treat runners at all levels and even have our own running and cross training fitness program in concert with other programs for cyclists and swimmers.

4. We compete ourselves and nothing better than practitioners who understand the conditions, the lay of the land for the sport and the specific of biomechanics and physiology for the sport.

5. We are consistently present at all the Tri Events programs and events.

To learn more about us and how comprehensive we are as a treatment facility please do read on.

Our Synergy Partner Trievents

Our rich tradition and synergy with the organisers Tri Events continues and in this brief news edition we feature an article by Katey Gibb, elite Triathlete who is ranked #1 in her age group in Australia and #13 globally for the same.

Testimonial from Katey Gibb

Katey Gibb writes about her positive experiences with us at the Perth Integrated Health clinic and thoughts for other triathletes to consider.

This article also features how we will be bringing our clinical support to you at this event this Sunday, so please read on about Katey Gibb's story.

“I have been participating in triathlons for nearly 3 years, with the 2010/2011 season being the first I have competed in the Open category. To be competitive at this level I have to incorporate 17 hrs of training a week around a 9 to 5 job and a family life, making it essential that I remain injury and fatigue free.

In late 2010, I went to see Ian at Perth Integrated Health Clinic (PIHC) to assist with injury prevention, recovery and strength. My main aim was to increase recovery time, indentify any problem areas and weaknesses I might have before I embarked on more training and the coming triathlon season. Upon seeing Ian I was assessed on what I do for training, what I wanted to achieve and any problems I might already have, before a program and treatment was provided. This is often something  you don’t get in other clinics, especially when you’re young and don’t already have major problems – PIHC’s key is to address problems before they arise.

During my treatment I have been to PIHC regularly for soft tissue therapy, Huber and Key Module treatment. The Huber has been excellent for balancing my strength and co-ordination, vital for efficiency swimming and cycling. Prior to this I was finding that I was building a dependence on one side of the body which can result in injuries down the track, after using the Huber for about a month I could feel a balance in my strength between my left and right side. Before and after a competition I always get the Key Module Treatment with Lucy and the soft tissue therapy, to help with performance and recovery. I find that leading  to a race my legs are tired and need a boost, being time poor often a deep tissue massage isn’t possible, so the Key Module Treatment is a great alternative as it only takes 10minutes and you come out of it feeling better than if you had a 1hr massage.

I can thank PIHC for contributing to my season’s success in 2011 and also for helping me hit each training session and race feeling 100%. With their constant help, guidance and advice I have been able to focus on my competing without worrying about injury and fatigue.”

Courtesy of Katey Gibb - Triathlete

Please email Clinical Director, Lucy Liongue at lucy@pihc.com.au or call 9240 5266 to make a booking with one of our therapists find out about how you can be helped just as Katey has.

Perth Integrated Health Clinical Tent @ Triathlons with Tri Events

We not only compete - we provide the clinical support as well...

Above: Occupational Therapist, Inez Ngiau treating at the Perth Integrated Health Clinic Tent,

Rockingham Triathlon 2010.


Perth Integrated Health staff not only treat but they compete in Triathlons as well.

Above from the Left: Ian Wee (Managing Director), Inez Ngiau (Occupational Therapist), Lucy Liongue (Clinical Director).


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PIONEERING HEALTH CARE  in Western Australia

- Keymodule & Lipomassage -
This state-of-the-art system targets muscles, tendons and ligaments as well as the cellulite and uneven fat deposits within the skin.

The first of its clinical application here in Western Australia, extensive research has shown improvements in treating lymphoedema, burns, scarring, venous insufficiency, fibromyalgia and tendon and muscle rehabilitation.

- Huber
® -
The Huber is the first and only system in the world to activate, pinpoint and strengthen the deep muscles of the spinal column - the vital axis of the body.

PIHC is the leading clinic for Huber training and research nation-wide and currently hosts the only Huber system in Western Australia.
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