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-  Clinical Treatment for Swimmers  -

The team at Perth Integrated Health are interested in the treatment and performance enhancement of swimmers at the novice, recreational and elite level. We already look after Swimmers at the National and State level as well as many of the local swim clubs.  We work clinically in concert with the state's peak body Swimming WA to assist swimmers in their performance enhancement, fitness, injury management and recovery plans. We also conduct all of the clinical workshops for the state wide Rec Swim program

We are the treating practitioners for swimming clubs at the state and national levels such as – Southshore, Applecross, Melville, Kalamunda, Aqua Attack, Southlake Dolphins and Western Sprints Swimming Clubs. We work closely with the swimmers of these clubs, as well as the parents and coaches.

The clubs describe personal best times, qualifying for the finals and achieving national record times as the numerous benefits of being under the clinical treatment at PIHC.

Anecdotes from swimmers, parents and coaches tell the story of improved strength, symmetry, stroke technique and pace in the swimmers. This is from Swimmers who have received neuromuscular care and who have taken part in Huber sessions which is state of the art technology for performance enhancement. Huber can be used to imitate all of the swimming strokes. Iimproving strength, symmetry, core stability and balance, then assists with enhancing stroke technique with their trained coach.

Perth Integrated Health Practitioners - Clinical Practitioners

for the State Age Swimming Championships December 2010.


If you would like more information about Perth Integrated Health Clinic and how a positive impact can be made on your swimming performance or if you require treatment for underlying conditions, please contact:

Ian Wee :  ianwee@pihc.com.au

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