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Occupational Therapy, Podiatry, Exercise Physiology, Massage Therapy & Other Health Services

- Our Range of Services -

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bullet Occupational Therapy
bullet Soft tissue therapy / neuro muscular therapy
bullet Stretch and exercise programs
bullet Ergonomics – home, office and vehicular
bullet Paediatric programs / treatment
bullet Soft tissue therapy / Neuromuscular therapy
bullet Stretch and exercise programs
bullet Ergonomics – home, office and vehicular
bullet Paediatric programs / treatment
bullet Seniors Health
bullet Huber Functional Enhancement systems
bullet Key Module Endermotherapy, Endermosport and Endermomedical applications

bullet Podiatry
bullet Soft tissue and joint treatment
bullet Orthotics and splinting
bullet Consultancy for feet problems, shoe apparel and different diagnosis of feet related pathologies.
bullet Biomechanical analysis for spinal muscular stabilisation.

bullet Corporate / Company Health Programs
bullet Provision of corporate health programs with a wide range of themes. Some of which are:
  • Spinal muscular health in the work place
  • Energy an motivation
  • Spinal muscular health and ergonomics
  • Golf
  • Seniors health
  • Breast research and Women's health
  • Bedding prescription and ergonomics
  • Balanced lifestyle
  • Stress in the workplace
  • Managing change in the workplace
  • Vehicle ergonomics
  • Work to retirement
  • Personal health and Financial health
  • Balancing hormones
  • Corporate Women's program
  • Corporate Men's program
  • Dietary considerations and weight loss
  • Dealing with emotive and psychosocial issues

bullet All Perth Integrated Health Clinic programs are tailor made to suit the needs of our clients. The range of services in this area is normally dependent on the outcome of the needs analysis of the client.  The range of programs above is by no means exhaustive as it showcases but a sample of what we offer.

bullet Executive and Corporate Health Packages. 
A first in many aspects, PIHC’s executive and corporate health packages provides for busy executives, company directors and business owners a program that is natural based, focusing on not only identifying the state of union of your health but importantly, definite strategies through non-invasive methods to assist, alleviate, resolve conditions as well as promote health and wellness. 

bullet As health and wellness is a state of being rather than a fad, PIHC’s programs are also tailor made to suit the requirements of the corporate client. Choose from our Silver, Gold, Platinum or Titanium packages to provide true health and wellness to your executive workforce – who are the vital elements for the success and well being of your company. 

bullet For our comprehensive list of clientele over the years and to know more about our programs, enquire with:  

Ian Wee
Ph: 9240 5266
bullet Sports and Fitness Program
bullet Consultancy and clinical support to sporting organisations, clubs, fitness centres and associations including:
  • Provision of sports injury prevention and management workshops
  • Health screens
  • Support for major sporting events and competitions
  • Joint venture works in corporate health programs

bullet PIHC is proud to be associated with the following fitness clubs and centres in the Perth metropolitan region: 
  • City of Melville Lifestyle Services located at the Melville Aquatic Centre, and the Melville Recreation Centre.
bullet Vehicle Ergonomics
bullet Occupational therapists at PIHC conduct ergonomic reviews of vehicles on-site for the purpose of:
  • Promoting better posture
  • Alleviating spinal muscular conditions
  • Advice on appropriate seating for different types of vehicles prior to purchase

bullet PIHC also has a unique, first program in the area of Vehicle Ergonomic Assessment aimed at the needs of the transport industry from fleet companies, people who require vehicles as their mode / method of employment, car rental agencies, transportation industry to the person who needs to drive their car, free from spinal muscular aches and pains.

bullet Patient Education Programs
bullet Special theme programs will be hosted monthly for PIHC patients, friends and families. These seminars / workshops will be broadcast via e-mail or PIHC e-newsletters and handouts at the clinic on a regular basis.
bullet These workshops assist in the educational process as one journeys from the initial phase of care towards resolution and finally to wellness.
bullet  For more information please contact Lucy Liongue on 9240 5266 or email

bullet Massage
bullet To consolidate on the wellness aspect of health at the Perth Integrated Health Clinic, remedial massage compliments our biomechanical branch of practitioners as well as aiding in the relaxation and relief of mental based trauma. Techniques employed by our resident massage practitioner are traditional forms which incorporates the mind and body aspect of health.
bullet For more information, please contact Lucy Liongue on

bullet Schools-based Spinal Muscular Programs and Educational programs
bullet Designed once again as a first for the community and to secure the future of the next generation, PIHC has developed a unique schools-based spinal muscular screening program aimed at the early detection, prevention and intervention of spinal muscular conditions in primary and high school aged children.


bullet This program is funded by PIHC and is provided to the schools as a community service on a needs basis. Parents and teachers interested in securing the spinal muscular wellbeing and health of their charges are invited to submit a proposal for these services to be conducted at no charge to their schools to:

          Lucy Liongue
          Clinical Manager


bullet Mattress and Bedding Equipment prescription
bullet PIHC through its Principal, Ian Wee has been involved with ongoing research and consultancy with the Bedshed Group since 1996.  The latest research development attained in 2005 has seen the provision of training programs for the majority of Bedshed stores in Western Australia, South Australia & Victoria specifically in Sleep Health & Bedding Ergonomics.


PIHC patients are able to source appropriate mattresses and bedding equipment from PIHC approved Bedshed stores.

Those wishing to obtain a prescription of the most appropriate bedding equipment or mattress can also consult the Occupational Therapists at PIHC who are trained and certified in this area of specialisation.



bullet Huber Dynamic Treatment and Assessment programs
bullet The Huber system at PIHC is in simple terms, the leading edge in rehabilitation and wellness technology in the world.  We are proud to be the first in Australia to have acquired the Huber for the benefit of our patients and now also the appointed leader, research centre and training facility for Huber in Australia – New Zealand.  PIHC has been appointed as the Global leader for Huber systems by LPG in 95 countries throughout the world.

The Huber is a dynamic treatment and assessment system that enables your PIHC spinal muscular practitioner to diagnose, plan, determine and grade your functional performance, measure your progress and set parameters for spinal muscular rehabilitation.

The Huber is suited for all ages from children to seniors, is adaptable for ALL sports and clinical spinal muscular, neurological and functional conditions.  The Huber is also now used at PIHC for the first time in the world as an assessment and treatment tool by Podiatrists.

Experience the Huber as part of your progression towards wellness once you have attained the resolution phase of care with your PIHC spinal muscular practitioner.

bullet Women's Health
bullet Our team of female spinal muscular occupational therapists focuses on the specific health needs of women and how it impacts upon their functional performance, well being and lives.  Our women’s health program includes treatment of breast related conditions, pelvic floor integrity and stability, and pre, during and post pregnancy care for mothers.


bullet Pre Pregnancy Program aims to achieve:
  • Increase mobility and maintain posture as the abdomen protrudes and places increased pressure on the pelvis and low back. Assisting with muscular discomfort with hands on treatment.
  • Assisting to maintaining flexibility as the breasts enlarge placing increasing strain on the mid back with our dynamic system the Huber.
  • A combination of the state of the art dynamic Huber treatment and static hands on treatment is available.

bullet Post Pregnancy Care & Muscular Re-Sculpturing
  • Improving posture, strengthening and re-sculpturing muscular structure which has been weakened during pregnancy (low back, abdomen and breast tissue).
  • A combination of the state of the art dynamic Huber treatment and static hands on treatment is available.
  • Non invasive treatment to assist with painful breast related conditions (e.g. mastitis).

bullet Breast Health Program


The Breast Health Program has evolved from groundbreaking research from PIHC featured on Today Tonight in 2005, investigating the effect of the bra on neuro muscular related conditions (upper back, neck, shoulder and low back). Results from the program indicate 80% of the female participants were identified with postural imbalances, 94% requiring neuro muscular intervention and 80% with incorrectly fitted bras.
To book for an assessment please call 9240 5266 or email for the Female Health Co-ordinator.

The assessment is conducted by a female Occupational Therapist and includes a thorough evaluation of the women’s neuro muscular system and the fit of the bra.








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