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Occupational Therapy 
At Perth Integrated Health (PIH), occupational therapy treatment is practiced within the context of neuromuscular care. With the aim of enhancing neuromuscular alignment and body biomechanics. Occupational Therapy treatment at PIH includes:

     Neuro muscular care with hands-on soft tissue therapy to target specific muscles, tendons and ligaments

      Stretch and exercise programs

      Ergonomic consultations – Home, Office and Vehicular

     School neuromuscular programs educating in early intervention and prevention of chronic issues and;

   Rehabilitation and performance enhancement programs with the unique rehabilitative HUBER and Key Module system.

Our over-arching clinical goal is inherently concomitant with the universal occupational therapy treatment principle of improving independence and functioning in one’s activities of daily living.

Unique to many other physical therapy professions, occupational therapy at PIHC is steered by a strong holistic approach – we have a passionate and inherent understanding that symptomatic care does not effectively improve one’s health well-being.

Although the primary issue of the patient is given significant consideration - each initial consultation involves a postural and neuromuscular assessment as well as a background history of health and diet to determine causal factors of the symptomatic complaints.


Further Information or Appointments

Lucy Liongue
Clinical Director - Occupational Therapist

Tel: 08 9240 5266
Email: lucy@pihc.com.au

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