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Key Module:
Perth Integrated Health Clinic is the first medical clinic in Western Australia to acquire the KEY MODULE (KM) which is a new technology that is able to make a difference with areas such as scar tissue, lymphoedema, sports injuries, cellulite reversal, fibrosis, neuro-muscular conditions, oedema, weight control and body sculpting.

The KEY MODULE (KM) is a French designed system developed in 1986 originally for the treatment of burns and scars. Over 95,000 KM treatments are now performed every day in over 95 countries worldwide. The KM is painless, non-invasive and operates without the use of any chemicals, creams or gels.

Click on the pdf to view the Frequently Asked Questions on the Key Module system.

    Key Module FAQ

    Key Module brochure

What are the different KEY MODULE treatments?

(a) Endermotherapy (ET) - refers to Key Module treatment for the following conditions:

1. Cellulite control and management;
2. Oedema (fluid) treatment and management;
3. Lymphoedema control and management;
4. Fibromyalgia control and management;
5. Localised fat treatment and management

(b) Endermosports (ES) - refers to Key Module treatment of sports-related conditions and trauma such as:

1. Sprains and strains;
2. Tendon and ligament damage and repair;
3. Acute muscle trauma or spasming;

(c) Endermomedical (EM) – refers to Key Module treatment of specific medically-based conditions such as:

1. Myofascial conditions and scar management;
2. Neurological conditions affecting muscle tone;
3. Cerebral Vascular Accidents (CVA) or Stroke rehabilitation;
4. Cumulative trauma syndromes;
5. Chronic based soft tissue conditions.


Key Module for Golfers Video

Please send your Key Module enquiries to:

Lucy Liongue  (Key Module Coordinator)
Email: lucy@pihc.com.au

or call 9240 5266


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