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The integration of the Key Module systems at PIHC in late 2006 heralds a new era of neuromuscular rehabilitation and treatment of clinically challenging conditions.

The Huber is a dynamic rehabilitation system designed to enhance and improve core stability, coordination, balance, upper body and lower body strength as well as overall health and wellness. This specialised system aids in strengthening the deep muscles of the spine to minimise the risk of further back injury. Developed in France, there are currently only 4 systems available for use in Australia. PIHC leads the way for Western Australia in Huber training research as well as hosting the only system available in the state.

By placing a person in an unstable environment, the body is forced to react to create stability. This is the underlying philosophy behind the Huber. It can accommodate for any individual and clinically programmed to suit the goals and aims of the client.

Not only does the Huber aid in resolving back pain, it also works towards enhancing sports performance. Through the feedback system and the ability to challenge a person despite their level of function, the Huber can aid elite sports people target specific muscle groups, or movements required in their chosen field. PIHC currently treats international level gymnasts from Northern Districts Gymnastics Club and WAIS, state swimmers, athletes, rowers and cyclists.

Patients suffering from acute, chronic and persistent back pain and joint pain can also significantly benefit from use of the Huber. Patients are positioned to stand on the oscillating platform where the speed and amplitude of the platform can be adjusted to suit their individual needs. By creating an environment where fluid movement is necessary, the Huber gently mobilises the spine and the surrounding muscles to increase range of movement and gently stretch the muscles, ligaments and tendons. It is clinically important for the practitioner to be with the patient on the Huber at all times.

Children presenting with a range of neurodevelopmental issues (balance and coordination) can also benefit from the Huber. PIHC has much experience working with children as young as 3 months old on the Huber to stimulate their proprioceptive system. Seniors can also benefit from balance and coordination input through the use of the Huber.

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