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" It is easier train a young sapling to grow in the right direction than it is to move the branches of an old oak tree. "

Just like your car, maintaining a healthy body through life requires regular maintenance care from a young age and attention to the warning signals. Neuro muscular conditions, in the long term can significantly impact on the health of the child, and can be expensive to treat. It is therefore preferable that neuromuscular conditions and postural imbalances be detected early and improve your child’s potential and health for the future.

Neuro muscular issues which often present in adult life such as joint degeneration are the cumulative combination of imbalances, injuries as a child and time.
Common symptoms of child health neuromuscular issues include:

  Postural issues (scoliosis, kyphosis, lordosis)
  Balance and co-ordination issues.
  Decreased concentration.
  Sleeping issues.
  Torticollis (difficulty turning neck)
  One shoulder or hip higher than the other.
  Uneven wearing of shoe soles.
If your child is experiencing one or more of the above symptoms it may be related to a neuro muscular condition.

- Neuro Muscular School Screening Programs -

The advent of reduced funding has seen many crucial programs such as screening programs to identify and appropriately intervene with postural changes (e.g. scoliosis) in school-aged children - diminish over time.

During October 2004 – March 2005 Occupational Therapists from Perth Integrated Health Clinic conducted a research project screening 530 school students in the Perth metropolitan area. Results indicated 70% of the students screened were identified with postural imbalances, 19% as possibly having scoliosis, 14% with lordosis, and 10% with kyphosis.

If your child is experiencing one or more of the above symptoms it may be related to a neuromuscular condition.


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