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General Practitioner, Occupational Therapy, Podiatry, Exercise Physiology, Massage Therapy & Other Health Services
About Us:

- Introduction -

We are a group practice comprising of health professionals who work within the organisational structure of the group that is the Perth Integrated Health Clinic.

The group practice provides support in the area of patient services and data administration, business and practice development and financial management. It also coordinates practitioner training, clinical standards, research and development in concert with the expectation of the staff.

- Our Vision -

We have a clear vision of providing the best possible ethical and practical based health care to our patients, based on a platform of education, informed choice and high quality clinical care.

With the collective efforts of the multidisciplinary team working cohesively as and when the need arises, our patients will be provided with a client-centred approach to health and wellness.

- History -

Many of our staff have held senior and management positions in organisations and in their professional association that place them in good stead which has resulted in PIHC becoming a leading edge health care facility here in Western Australia.

- Our Team -

Our multidisciplinary team have the distinction of working closely together even before the inception of PIHC.
Familiar names and faces will be commonplace at PIHC when you enter our doors.

They include:

Administration Team

     Robyn Maseyk                                Clinical Assistant
     Shar Clements                                Clinical Assistant
     Marilyn Bewsher                             Clinical Assistant

Clinical/Consultancy Team

     Ian Wee                                           Principal Occupational Therapist

     Lucy Liongue                                     Principal Occupational Therapist

     Julian Mancini                                   Senior Consultant Occupational Therapist & Exercise Physiologist

     Inez Ngiau                                        Associate Occupational Therapist

     Cristina Casella                                Consultant Occupational Therapist & Soft Tissue Massage Therapist

     Jill Hunter                                          Principal Consultant Podiatrist

     Te Pomana                                        Consultant Podiatrist

     Matt Dzodzos                                    Consultant Personal Trainer


Perth Integrated Health Cycling Group Team

     Ian Wee                                           Cycling Group Coach - Director Sportif

     Mike Arndt                                        Cycling Group Coach

     Robert Branch                                  Cycling Group Coach

     Chris Hargraeves                               Cycling Group Coach

     Lucy Liongue                                      Cycling Group Coach


Perth Integrated Health Trisports Group Team

     Ian Wee                                           Managing Director

     Lucy Liongue                                    Sports Director

     Kareena Preston                              High Performance Swimming Consultant


Management Team 

      Ian Wee                                          Managing Director

      Linda Hill                                          General Manager

      Lucy Liongue                                   Admin Director

      Julian Mancini                                  Clinical Manager

About Us
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