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Whole Body Vibration (WBV)

By placing a person on the WBV vibration technology, muscles and joints can be mobilized through a stretching and then strengthening method. The vibrations lengthen the muscle like a slinky spring mechanism which illicits a stretch reflex increasing amount of muscle use and control allowing greater performance. This is the underlying philosophy behind the WBV. It can accommodate for any individual and clinically programmed to suit the goals and aims of the client.

Not only does the WBV aid in resolving back pain, it also works towards enhancing sports performance. Through the feedback system and the ability to challenge a person despite their level of function, the WBV can aid elite sports people target specific muscle groups, or movements required in their chosen field. PIHC currently treats international level gymnasts from WAIS, state swimmers from Applecross, Melville, Western Sprints, Aqua Attack and Kalamunda Swimming Clubs, athletes, rowers and cyclists. PIHC treats cyclists at the recreational and elite level including the three elite state teams.

Patients suffering from acute, chronic and persistent back pain and joint pain can also significantly benefit from use of the WBV. Patients are positioned to stand, sit, kneel on the platform where the speed and vibration of the platform can be adjusted to suit their individual needs. By creating an environment where fluid movement is necessary, the WBV action gently mobilizes the spine and the surrounding muscles to increase range of movement and gently stretch the muscles, ligaments and tendons. This mobilisation also allows greater blood supply to the muscles and transport of blood allowing toxins to leave areas of damage allowing greater repair. It is clinically important for the practitioner to supervise the patient on the WBV.

Children presenting with a range of neurodevelopmental issues (balance and coordination) can also benefit from the WBV. PIHC has much experience working with children as young as 3 months old on the WBV to stimulate their proprioceptive system and improve motor planning for safer more fluid movements. Seniors can also benefit from balance and coordination input through the use of the WBV.

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